Portrait Guideline

We want to portray your pet in the best light possible. Here are some easy to follow photography steps to create a great photo to upload of your pet.
  1. For dogs, have treats on hand for your photo. This will help bring their attention to the camera.
  2. Shoot photos from your pet’s eye level and have them look directly at the camera.
  3. Capture the full body of your pet in the sitting position. (We cannot re-create any part that is cut off)
  4. A plain background is recommended but not necessary.
  5. Avoid grass or long carpet as it will block you pet’s paw details. A flat even surface will work well.
  6. Avoid flash when photographing pets. Natural light is best.

Here are some examples of good and bad photos:

That’s it! Once you are done, upload your pet’s photo to the product form and wait for an artwork approval from our team. Thank you for choosing Paw House Prints!