About Us

About Us - Paw House Prints

Hi 👋,

We’re Mark and Veronica Lizada, owners of Paw House Prints. We sell custom pet art prints for canvases, blankets, socks, shirts, and more!

We started this business out of our love for our own two dogs Stella (an adorable Mini Yorkie) and Menudo (a cuddly golden doodle).

Between our backgrounds in both fashion and photography, an idea emerged where we could use those talents to show just how much we love our pets. We wanted to create custom apparel and accessories that we could have as keepsakes.

We all love our most loyal companions. Because honestly, life without our pets would be a dull one. They love us unconditionally regardless of what type of day we are having. They’ve experienced life’s highs and lows with us, all while being constant, loyal, and true.

At our shop, we want to share that experience with the world. By providing excellent service, a variety of high quality prints, and a custom paw print unique to your companion, we are sure that Paw House Prints will leave a print on your heart.

🐾❤️ Mark and Veronica