Five Training Tips to Get Your Dog to Walk Properly

Five Training Tips to Get Your Dog to Walk Properly

Many dog owners struggle with training their dog to walk with them, instead of pulling or running ahead of them. With a few professional dog training techniques, you can get your best friend to be an excellent walking partner. Get started today!

Use a Short Leash

While training your dog to walk on a leash, it is important to restrict how far they can walk. With a short leash, you can easily keep your dog restricted to your side. Gradually, you can extend the length of the leash to allow your dog more freedom, but be sure to make corrections as needed.

Play Before Walks

Dogs have loads of energy. If they can't get their energy out before a walk, they will attempt to do it during it. Play with your dog before walks to help him or her calm down. Another option is to allow your dog to walk on a treadmill at a fast pace under your supervision. This tip is especially beneficial for puppies and hyper breeds.

Always Walk in Front of Your Dog

Dogs naturally try to walk ahead of their owners until they recognize them as the pack leader. In order to train your dog to view you as the leader, you must walk in front of him or her. This practice will ensure that your dog understands that you are in control of the walk. Never allow your dog to pass you during walks. This type of behavior only cements his or her belief that they are the leader.

Take Long Walks

Dogs need to be walked for at least 30 minutes, if not longer. If your dog's needs are not being met, he or she may respond with bad behavior. Since dogs are diurnal, they ideally should be walked early in the morning.

Don't Forget Rewards

When your dog displays good behavior, you must reward him or her to encourage it to continue. Carry small treats with you during walks, or allow your dog to sniff and explore as a reward. Only reward your dog briefly in order to show that you are in control and prevent bad behavior from returning.

Consistency is key when it comes to training your best friend to be a good citizen. Follow these dog training tips every time you go on a walk for the best results. Soon, your dog will walk properly so you can enjoy a well-mannered walking buddy.

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