4 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

4 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog


Sometimes, we can find ourselves treating our pets like our children. It can be difficult not to when you have so much love for something that loves you back and sticks by your side. With dogs, in particular, it can be difficult not to set a place for them at the table like they're part of the family. While this is only natural, we have to be careful what we put on our pup's plates, since certain human foods can be toxic to dogs. While most people know about the dangers of giving your dog chocolate, there are other foods that can be just as hazardous.


There's an ingredient in onions called thiosulphate that can prove hazardous to dogs (and cats as well). A lot of people hear this and think "No onions for Fido" but neglect other products with onions as an ingredient. A variety of different foods use onion powder for flavor, so it's important to check labels to ensure the food is onion free.


While grapes are a healthy snack for humans, they are extremely dangerous for dogs and can cause kidney failure. This goes for raisins too, so be sure to keep both away from your dog, and be cautious not to drop any around where your dog might eat it.

Raw Meat

Some pet owners act as though dog stomachs are made of steel, and they aren't susceptible to a lot of the same illnesses we are. This is not true at all, and a lot of the same bacteria that can hurt humans can hurt dogs as well. Giving your dog raw meat, no matter how much they beg is never a good idea.

Coffee (and caffeine in general)

While caffeine can be a great way to wake up for humans, it can be a shock to a dog's system. Caffeine is a stimulant that can lead to vomiting, dehydration, and anxiety in your dog. This applies to tea and other drinks high in caffeine as well.


While these are 4 of the most common foods that you should avoid feeding your dog, it's important to know what's in everything you give your dog. Always research something before feeding it to your pet, and don't let those sad puppy dog eyes change your mind.

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